Quantum Rift Software


Quantum Simulation Software  v.0.4.0

qsims simulates quantum dynamics with an (almost) arbitrary time-dependent Hamiltonian.

Quantum Chemistry Import Tool  v.0.3.1

Quantum Chemistry Import Tool is a django application that parses the output file of quantum chemistry software as NWChem, Octopus, Gaussian, etc.


Encode E-Mail  v.1.0

This software obscures your Email address from harvesting programs on your Web site.

Delayed Startup & Program Manager  v.2.0

This software lets you alter the actual startup time for items in the startup folder and run section of the registry. By delaying their startup,

AIMAll (Version 09.11.08) for Windows  v.11. 10. 2016

AIMAll is an easy to use, accurate, reliable and efficient quantum chemistry software package for performing comprehensive, quantitative and visual QTAIM analyses of molecular systems - starting from molecular wave function data.

Home Movie Library Database  v.1.1

Keep track of your movies in this simple program. Search through your entered movies for specific titles, actors, running times, studio,

Quantum GIS Tethys  v.1.5-r13926-1

The Quantum GIS Tethys repository contains a lot of software from OSGeo projects. Quantum GIS Tethys and all dependencies are included, along with Python, GRASS, GDAL, etc.

Drive Recovery Software  v.

Drive recovery software is powerful program to recuperate obliterated or damaged files and folders in professional, trustworthy, protected and cheaper way. Application supports all main kind of hard disk like Toshiba, Quantum, Transcend, Seagate,

Quantum  v.2.5.0

Quantum is a resilient p2p file sharing client able to deliver torrent download at great speeds and with a plus of convenience and accuracy. It includes features like multiple torrent downloads, queuing/priority systems and advanced seeding rules.

Hard Drive Data Restore Software  v.3.3.1

Hard drive data restore software is the splendid hard disk recovery tool to recover deleted files as well as restore hard drive data with full of accuracy.

Data Recovery Software NTFS  v.

Professional data rescue program recovers official documents and other important folders from inaccessible hard disk drive. Data recovery software NTFS is used by home, educational institutional,

Ideal Quantum Gas  v.1.0

Ideal quantum gas equilibrium simulation. IdealQuantumGas software is a simulation of an ideal quantum gas in equilibrium with a heat bath. The software computes the density of states, particle distribution function, and energy occupancy diagram.

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